Annual Budget

Monthly Price

$75,000 or less


Up to $150,000


Up to $200,000


Up to $250,000


Up to $300,000


Up to $350,000


Up to $400,000


Up to $450,000


Up to $500,000


Up to $600,000


Up to $700,000


Up to $800,000


Up to $900,000


Up to $1,000,000


Over $1,000,000

Custom Quote

Bookkeeping Services are priced based upon the size of the client's annual budget.



Payroll Services are priced at a flat rate of $75 per month for up to 5 employee/contractors. Each additional employee/contractor incurs an added charge of $5 per month.


Start-Up Services to get your organization established as a legal entity and ready for business are priced at a flat rate of $500.

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Pricing for Bookkeeping Services includes Payroll Services for up to 5 employees/contractors.  Additional employees/contractors on payroll will increase the monthly rate by $5 for each additional person. 

Prices are fixed for a one-year period and then re-evaluated based upon the annual budget in place at the time of renewal. 

Prices do not include additional fees for checks and electronic payments or Expensify charges if more than two employees have Expensify accounts. 

All new clients are charged a one-time set-up fee equal to the monthly rate in effect for the client.

ChurchBiz is committed to providing clients with the highest quality church business management services at an affordable cost. We believe our clients are best served when they have a fixed cost for these services, rather than hourly billing.